We have 24 years experience in consulting

Our aim is to ensure that our clients and trainees have enough medical knowledge and emergency training to deal with real life situations both at home and at work

We specialise in providing bespoke medical training solutions designed to address specific issues related to location, organisations or individuals. The courses offered are accredited and approved by professional and academic bodies, in order to offer our customers public confidence, continous improvement, due dilligence and investment in staff.

We also train on how to respond to disasters such as earthquakes, disease outbreaks or to other humanitarian contexts. Depending on the needs, we might train individual personnel, advisory teams, institutions, facilities and/or a field training.

No matter where you want your business to go ...

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Our Team

We are known for our ethos of emergency excellence, which begins at the top and permeates throughout the entire organisation. Our team has extensive clinical and emergency expertise in pre-hospital care, major incident, trauma and disaster management, primary care and expeditionary medicine.

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